Tuition & Policies

Monthly Tuition

due on or before the 15th of the month- payment is for current month of participation


Fundamental/Intermediate/ Advance Tumbling

Age 5+

1 class each week
  • average of 4 classes for the month
Unlimited ALL Classes
  • includes tumbling, all cheer classes
2 tumbling classes/week
  • pick 2 cheer classes + 1 tumbling class

$10 discount for siblings

$18/ Drop in or Trial / Class 

Cheer (speciality) or Toddler TUFF TOTS Classes

1 class each week
  • average of 4 classes for the month
Drop in or Trial class


Monthly Tuition

due on the 1st of every month- payment is for current participation month

3 practices x week$100
2 practices x week$80
1 practice x week$65
drop in or trial class$10

Annual Enrollment for all class participants – 1 per family


Paid once a year during registration -occurs future years  during  month of registration anniversary

Payment policies 

Makeup classes are allowed only in the current month. Prorated months and refunds are not given for missed classes.  

If tuition payment is not received by the 1st of the upcoming month, a late fee of $10 will be added. Accounts not paid by the 1st will be frozen and your athlete(s) will not be able to participate until your account is caught up. Refunds will not be given.    

If you choose to leave, all payments are forfeited.  

Credit card payment or bank draft that is returned unpaid, account will be assessed a $30 Non Sufficient Fund fee. 

Class Policies 

Parents or children not participating in activities on the open gym area must not go into training area.   

Enrollments for a second class (1 child taking 2 classes or a sibling also taking a class) will receive a $10 discount for additional class.

Makeup classes are allowed only in the current month.

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