Frequently Asked Questions

Express Stingers Elite is a United States All Star Federation (USASF) sanctioned competitive cheer program. Coaches prepare cheerleaders to compete at venues locally, regionally and sometimes nationally.

What is All Star Cheer?

All Star cheerleading is a competition sport that involves boys and girls performing a routine composed of synchronized tumbling, stunting, jumping, pyramids and dancing.

The primary purpose of All Star is to train and to compete against other training facilities. All Star does not cheer for another sport.

What are the ages/levels/divisions of each team?

All teams will consist of an age bracket and a level number.

There are many different combinations of age groups, divisions, and levels. These were all created to insure that similar ages were competing with similar skill sets. Cheerleaders can begin as young as age 3 in our program and go as old as 18+.

Our program creates youth, junior and senior age divisions.

TINY: 5-6 years old

MINI: 6-8 years old

YOUTH: 6-11

JUNIOR : 7-15

SENIOR :12-18 (prep 10-18)

How do you determine my child’s level?

All Star cheer is not like school. Your child does not move up every year. We would like each cheerleader to master his/her level prior to moving up so they are better prepared for the next level.

The goal is to produce a well rounded cheerleader by providing opportunities for growth in all skill areas. A cheerleaders tumbling and stunting levels could be different therefore we would need to weigh what is best.

Age, experience, tumbling ability, stunting ability, coach-ability and work ethic are all factors that may affect placement.

What is the time Commitment?

The commitment and attendance of families and cheerleaders are crucial to the success of our teams. Every family makes sacrifices and modifications to ensure their cheerleader attends the scheduled season. If commitment to the schedule is of low priority, we ask that you decide NOT to be a part of the Express Stingers all-star competitive cheerleading program. 

May – July is used to gain strength, skills, and coordination with others. This is the ideal time to take vacations and have family time.

August – November cheerleaders clean up choreography.

December – April is competition season and can mean busy weekends and extra practices.

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